Building an API

Building an API

Building an API

Imagine if you could take an existing sql database and turn it into a RESTful JSON based web service, then access the data via the API from perhaps an android application or an other third party application.  I wondered about this and then I stumbled upon PHP DATA SERVICES (PHPDS) built by

PHPDS makes it very easy for you to build a RESTful JSON service from your existing database, its easy to setup and config and

Facebook Authentication Fix :

I had to remove the following from line 18 in Hybrid/Providers/Facebook.php :

offline_access, publish_stream, read_friendlists, read_stream

and add publish_actions in order for the facebook app to login properly.

I found this to be a really interesting application and also a very good introduction tutorial for building such a service.  Now I need to learn how to integrate it into an Android application 🙂

Happy coding  🙂

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