How to get and display wordpress comment details.

How to get and display wordpress comment details.

With wordpress sometimes we might like to output details to a seperate page or even outside of our wordpress folder. The following code is an example of how to grab the details for your comment details.

I recently learned this to use it in my personal dashboard so that I could see new comments without having to go into wordpress.


$comments_count = wp_count_comments();
echo "Comments for site
echo "Comments in moderation: " . $comments_count->moderated . "
echo "Comments approved: " . $comments_count->approved . "
echo "Comments in Spam: " . $comments_count->spam . "
echo "Comments in Trash: " . $comments_count->trash . "
echo "Total Comments: " . $comments_count->total_comments . "


The above code will produce something like this with your comment details :

Comments in moderation: 0
Comments approved: 3
Comments in Spam: 0
Comments in Trash: 0
Total Comments: 3

The important part really is in require() make sure you have the correct path to your wp-blog-header file.

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